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nevertimes's Journal

5 May
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Once upon a time...
you call yourself grown up. The life of an adult is the life of the mundane. You awake every morning, travel to work, only to cause yourself stress by attempting to make money, the money you then spend to relieve some of the additional stress caused by bills and 'expenses'. Your entire life is one of boring repetition, day in and day out the same schedule and same expectations. You have forgotten how to have fun...

Welcome to Neverland RPG! Make sure you read the rules before applying, and check out both theneverrp and theneverooc for more information!
but one day...
You awake to bright sunlight and the sound of waves lapping at the shore. There is a lush jungle at your back and mountains rise above the treetops toward the heart of the forest. Along the beach you see footprints. To one side smoke rises out from the trees, the other side is marked by a peculiarly shaped island off the coast.
Welcome to Neverland.
In Neverland you have the potential to play a variety of character types, one of the many Neverland natives (Fairies, Merfolk, Pirates, Lostfolk, Indians) or one of the Elsewheres (normal humans brought in from the real world). Every week a copy of the Neverland Times is strewn across the island announcing the upcoming events happening for the week. It's time to remember how to have fun.

Explore your surroundings and get used to them changing, because there are no limits in Neverland!

theneverrp is an Asian Entertainer's RPG and is now accepting applications!
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